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Shekar Chandra

Shekar Chandra

Shekar Chandra Life And Career At A Glance Overview:

The name you can see in the top is notable for the Tamil musics. He is mentionable as musician, director and singer as well. This is better to say at the same time that, this is such a person who have spent most of his time to create only extra ordinary music for the music fan and we are mentioning this line only to make you aware that if you are not acquainted with this man closely then you never should think that he is not so adapted with the music you want to hear or the listener of the music want to hear.

Shekar Chandra Some Personal Information:

Name: Shekar Chandra
Age: 30 years
Origin: Tamil Nadu, India
Occupation: Music Director, Composer, Singer, Lyricist
Also Social Media Follow Us: Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia

Now we should come to know about the works of this man by which we all come to know about him. After all, nothing but his works take to the place in which he is standing on. Here is the list of his works:

List Of Shekar Chandra Telugu Movie Album:

Savaari – 2020

118 – 2019

Subrahmanyapuram – 2018

Parichayam – 2018

Howrah Bridge – 2018

Oye Ninney – 2017

Andhhagadu – 2017

Nanna Nenu Naa Boyfriends – 2016

Ekkadiki Pothavu Chinnavada – 2016

Nandini Nursing Home – 2016

Marala Telupana Priya – 2016

Cinema Choopistha Mava – 2016

Avunu 2 – 2015

Brother of Bommali – 2014

Karthikeya – 2014

Weekend Love – 2014

Boochamma Boochodu – 2014

Maaya – 2014

Pelli Pustakam – 2013

Abbai Class Ammai Mass – 2013

3G Love – 2013

Avunu – 2012

Mem Vayasuku Vacham – 2012

Nuvvila – 2011

Manasara – 2010

Betting Bangaraju – 2010

Amaravathi – 2009

Nachavule – 2008

Anasuya – 2007

Gnapakam – 2007

These are the main and key works of this man by which he took himself to the front of all the masters of the music industry. Meanwhile, we also come to know about him for the reason of his works. We all known with the fact that each op the musician has to possess a huge amount of quality of being creative to create music. Not only the matter is about only to create music rather they have to entertain all the music lover otherwise his/her music will be value less at last. Same time, we all know the reason behind this that there is always a commercial reason behind all the creative works and musician also have to think about this reason very seriously. Thats why it takes so much time to come in the front of music lovers. If you are a fan of this man or you are looking for information about him then you are requested to take a look on the social virtual world where you are going to have him with all the details you may looking for. After all, maximum of the celebrities like him loves to share all the important event or moments with the fans via social medias. That why this could be great source for you to take a look on the matter of this man life events. There will be so many things you can learn from this man life by which you may decorate your life in the whole new way. You don’t have to wait for the new works from him when he have to practice always for the new music for the fans.

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