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Akkineni Nagarjuna And Career At A Glance Overview:

One of the best superstar of the Indian movies who ranked among the top actor of the industry. He is working most prominently in Telugu cinemas but he is well by his flawless acting in all over Indian sub-continent.

This is can be said that, there are hardly any other actor is such famous as like “Akkineni Nagarjuna” although he is working predominantly in the Telugu cinemas but he got his fame mostly for the Hindi cinemas mainly. For now, he is one of the senior actor and still working in the key role as well as the advisor trainer of the new comer in the industry. At the same time, he is a producer, TV presenter and basically a super actor.

Akkineni Nagarjuna Some Personal Information:

Name: Akkineni Nagarjuna
Date Of Birth: 29 August 1959
Age: 58 years
Origin: Film Nagar, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
Occupation: Actor, producer, Businessman, Philanthropist, Host
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“Akkineni Nagarjuna” was born on 29th August of 1959 at Chennai, Tamil Nadu and his father is a veteran actor “Nageswara Rao Akkineni” and mother is “Annapoorna Akkineni”. The family later moved to Hyderabad, where he attended the “Hyderabad Public School” also in the “Little Flower Junior College”. He completed one year term “Bachelor of Engineering” from the” College of Engineering, Guindy”, and earned his B.S. degree in “Automobile Engineering” from the “Eastern Michigan University”.

“Nagarjuna” has been married twice for some bad incidental cause. In the year of 1984, he married with “Lakshmi Daggubati”, a member of the “Daggubati family” which is prominent in the Telugu film industry. She is the daughter of “D. Ramanaidu”, a very well known film-maker, and the sister of the actors “Venkatesh” and “Suresh Babu”. “Lakshmi” bore “Nagarjuna” a son, the actor “Naga Chaitanya” and his birth year is 1986. However, the couple were divorced in 1990, an incident which caused much upheaval in the Telugu film industry because of the falling out of its two most powerful families.

“Nagarjuna” then married the actress “Amala Akkineni”. By his second wife, “Nagarjuna” is the father of another son, the actor” Akhil Akkineni” whose birth year is 1994. Meanwhile, his first wife “Lakshmi” married a corporate executive named “Sharath Vijay Raghavan”. In the December of 2016, at a private ceremony held in Hyderabad, “Nagarjuna’s” younger son “Akhil Akkineni” got engaged with a view to marry “Shriya Bhupal”, and she is the grand-daughter of business magnate “GV Krishna Reddy”, well known as the founder of the “GVK group” of companies.

This is high time we better move our concentration on the list of his works by which you are going to be clear about the working perfectibility of this man. Meanwhile, it is better to say at the same point that, he has a really long list of works that means cinemas which are quite impossible to mention them all at a time and that why, we are only going to mention the main or key movies by which our readers are mostly known with:

List Of Akkineni Nagarjuna Telugu Movie Album:

Wild Dog – 2020

Manmadhudu 2 – 2019

Devadas – 2018

Officer – 2018

Raju Gari Gadhi 2 – 2017

Om Namo Venkatesaya – 2017

Nirmala Convent – 2016

Oopiri – 2016

Soggade Chinni Nayana – 2016

Manam – 2014

Bhai – 2013

Sri Jagadguru Aadi Sankara – 2013

Greeku Veerudu – 2013

Damarukam – 2012

Shirdi Sai – 2012

Rajanna – 2011

Payanam – 2011

Gaganam – 2011

Ragada – 2010

Kedi – 2010

King – 2008

Krishnarjuna – 2008

Don – 2007

Boss – I Love You – 2006

Sri Ramadasu – 2006

Super – 2005

Mass – 2004

Nenunnanu – 2004

LOC Kargil – 2003

Shivamani – 2003

Manmadhudu – 2002

Agni Varsha – 2002

Santosham – 2002

Snehamante Idera – 2001

Akasa Veedhilo – 2001

Adhipathi – 2001

Bava Nachadu – 2001

Eduruleni Manishi – 2001

Azad – 2000

Ninne Premistha – 2000

Nuvvu Vastavani – 2000

Ravoyi Chandamama – 1999

Seetharama Raju – 1999

Zakhm – 1998

Chandralekha – 1998

Angaarey – 1998

Auto Driver – 1998

Aavida Maa Aavide – 1998

Ratchagan – 1997

Annamayya – 1997

Ninne Pelladatha – 1996

Mr. Bechara – 1996

Ramudochadu – 1996

Vajram – 1995

Sisindri – 1995

Gharana Bullodu – 1995

Criminal – 1994

Hello Brother – 1994

Govinda Govinda – 1994

Allari Alludu – 1993

Varasudu – 1993

Rakshana – 1993

President Gari Pellam – 1992

Drohi – 1992

Antham – 1992

Khuda Gawah – 1992

Killer – 1992

Jaitra Yatra – 1991

Shanti Kranti – 1991

Chaitanya – 1991

Nirnayam – 1991

Shiva – 1990

Iddaru Iddare – 1990

Neti Siddhartha – 1990

Prema Yuddham – 1990

Siva – 1989

Agni – 1989

Geetanjali – 1989

Vicky Daada – 1989

Vijay – 1989

Janaki Ramudu – 1988

Murali Krishnudu – 1988

Chinababu – 1988

Aakhari Poratam – 1988

Kirai Dada – 1987

Agni Putrudu – 1987

Collector Gari Abbai – 1987

Sankeertana – 1987

Majnu – 1987

Aranyakanda – 1986

Captain Nagarjun – 1986

He is still working in the key role of the movies wherever he act and the most interesting matter is, his birth on 29th August of 1959. you can easily imagine the talent of this man when he can perform in the hardcore cinemas along with heavy action.
As we are talking about his talent over the movie industry then it would be better to take a vies on the success of this man. As the awards are often considered as the confessional achievement then you are going to have the idea about what the masters of the movie industry thinks about him:

Akkineni Nagarjuna Awards:

National Film Awards:
Best Feature Film in Telugu of 1996 as a producer.
Special Mention – Actor

Nandi Awards:
Akkineni Award for Best Home viewing Feature Film of 1996 as a producer
Best Actor of 1997
Best Feature Film – Kansya Bronze of 1999 as a producer
Special Jury Award of 2000 as a producer
Best Actor and Best Feature Film – Swarna (Gold) of the year of 2002
Best Actor of 2006
Special Jury Award (Actor) and Best Feature Film – Rajata (Silver) in the year of 2011.

Filmfare Awards South:
Best Film – Telugu in the year of 1996 as a producer
Best Actor – Telugu of 1997
Best Film – Telugu of 2014 as a producer

Other prestigious awards:
Vamsee Berkeley Awards of 1986
AP Cinegoers Awards and Bharatamuni Awards of the year of 1989
Vamsee Berkley Awards and Cinema Express Award in the same year as the previous two’s
Akruthi Film Award of 1996
Akruthi Film Award and Bharatamuni Awards of 1997
Andhra Pradesh Film Journalists Association Award of 2000
CineMAA Awards of 2005
South Indian International Movie Awards and CineMAA Awards of 2012
CineMAA Awards of 2013.

The whole thing you can see in the top are just the basic information about this man. And it is good to mention in the same time that, if you are interested to know more about him then you better check him out in the online source where you are going to find him with the personal connectivity.

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